Equipment Financing

Should You Finance or Lease Equipment for Your Business?

Does your business need newer or more effective equipment? If the answer is yes, Vista Commercial Capital may be able to provide you with the funds you need to acquire it. Whether you own a gym or a physician’s practice, you depend on your equipment to help you provide your customers with a pleasant and safe experience. We offer a huge array of equipment financing options for business owners of all types. If you don’t feel like purchasing your equipment outright, our equipment leasing program may be a better fit for you.

Our Financing Program

Vista Commercial Capital has the ability to finance virtually any type of business equipment. We can finance amounts in excess of $500,000 depending on the items you need. Our equipment financing options also offer the following benefits.

  • Flexible payment structures
  • Fast approval times
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Middle market financing

These benefits are reserved for businesses that have been in operation for two or more years, but we have options for startups as well.

The Benefits of Equipment Leasing

If you want access to the latest equipment, but don’t want to spend all of your capital or make a permanent investment, leasing may be the right choice for you. Businesses of all sizes lease equipment, but the leasing process is perfect for businesses with limited budgets. There are numerous advantages to equipment leasing, including:

  • Additional tax advantages
  • Lower down payments and monthly payments
  • Fixed payments
  • The ability to preserve existing credit lines

By preserving your credit lines, you will be able to put your money towards other things, without damaging your credit score.

Get the Equipment You Need Right Now

Simply put, Vista Commercial Capital understands your equipment needs. Our financing options are perfect for more lucrative businesses, but our leasing program is ideal for businesses on a limited budget. Call one of our professionals today and get the equipment you need to succeed.


Vista Commercial Capital can help you with your Equipment Financing needs

If you have an opportunity that you'd like to review with us where equipment financing might be a good fit, we'd be happy to set up some time to have a discussion.